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Garden Supplies

We all need tools to work in our gardens and to preserve and process our harvest. Question is: which ones are best, which ones do I really need? As long time experienced gardeners we have picked what we feel are essentials to all types of gardening. Many of the items you will see on this page will be found in our garden and in our home. We believe that the proper tool makes the job go a whole lot smoother and gives the gardener more satisfaction as well.

An Assortment of Gardening Tools

Gardening Tools

Gardening Gifts

We have chosen a selection of gardening essentials from the very beginning of the process (seeds) to the very end of the process (preserving your harvest). There are many steps in between. Many of us garden in different manners. Apartment dwellers will be limited to their balconies or indoor set ups. Some will do square foot gardening or raised bed gardening. Yet others will need handicapped accessible systems that require limited bending and digging. Every basic need for each type of these gardeners is represented in our selection below. Please note: These are affiliate links that will take you to another website.If you purchase any of these products we will receive compensation in the form of a commission.

Rolling Garden Seat

Rolling Garden Seat

Save your back and work comfortably from this rolling garden seat. It has soft pneumatic tires and a swiveling tractor seat. There is storage both under the seat and behind the seat to keep tools easily obtainable. The seat height adjusts from 14″ to 17 1/2″.

Bendable Steel Garden Edging

Bendable Steel Garden Edging

This edging is galvanized and powder coated with a scalloped edge. It is easy to snap together and stake into the ground. What a great way to set apart your garden beds.

Garden Cart with Built In Seat

Garden Cart with Built In Seat

This versatile cart measures 47¼”L x 19″W x 27½”H. It has easy swivel steering, lots of storage space, plus compartments for drink, cell phone and tools. A removable knee pad adds comfort; handlebars aid in standing. Steel with rubber tires.

Folding Garden Kneeler

Folding Garden Kneeler (Available in 2 sizes)

This kneeler can be used for sitting or kneeling. Just simply flip it over to change the way it is used. The pad is a thick, soft weatherproof foam. The frame is sturdy steel.

Rolling Self Watering Tomato Planter

Self Watering Tomato Planter

This rolling self watering tomato planter is perfect for an apartment balcony or even a back porch on your home. It comes with a sturdy steel support for you plants. This would also be an excellent planter for cucumbers or other climbing plants.