Greenhouse Supplies

Greenhouse Accessories will enhance your greenhouse growing experience and assist with greenhouse automation. Depending on how your greenhouse is used most people will find that a minimum list of supplies is a heater and a ventilation system. This all depends upon the plants you are growing, what time of year you are using your greenhouse and the climate you live in. Greenhouses will not maintain heat overnight in the winter months. Greenhouses will build up heat during the day in the summer months.

Greenhouse Accessories

Greenhouse Accessories

Greenhouse Accessories

The next item of general importance is shade cloths and automatic roof vent openers. The automatic roof vent openers are solar powered and require no electricity. These are an inexpensive way to cut down on summer heat. Shade cloths are available in knitted, woven or alumitex fabric. Different shade percentages are also available.  Our greenhouse benches come in fiberglass with UV protected tops. Propagation mats are an essential for seed starting. The even gentle bottom heat will help your seeds to germinate.  Circulating fans keep the air moving in your greenhouse, and give you stronger and healthier plants. We suggest adding these accessories as you find that you need them. We do strongly suggest that you get a ventilation system at the same time as your greenhouse, as you will need to do some retrofitting if they are purchased at a later date. All of the other accessories will not be attached to your greenhouse frame.

Greenhouse Ventilation Systems

Greenhouse Ventilation Systems are made up of exhaust fans, motorized intake shutters and a thermostat.

Southern Burner Greenhouse Heater

The Southern Burner Greenhouse heater is available in natural gas or propane.

Greenhouse Shade Cloth

Greenhouse Shade Cloth will block the sun’s harsh rays. There are different percentages of shade cloth available.

Greenhouse Automatic Vent Openers

The automatic roof vent opener requires no electricity to operate.

Greenhouse Benches

Greenhouse benches have a fiberglass frame with a UV protected top. They are available in several different sizes.

Greenhouse Circulation Fans

Greenhouse Circulation Fans help to keep your plants healthy.

lock base and wire for greenhouse polyfilm fastening

Wiggle Wire

This base and wiggle wire is used to fasten greenhouse polyfilm to any framing material. It can be used for up to 4 layers of polyfilm or shade cloth by doubling the number of wires used. 8′ lengths.

Propagation Mats

Greenhouse propagation mats are a necessity for seed starting.

fastening polyfilm to wood greenhouse frame

Batten Tape

This white tape can be used to securely fasten your greenhouse polyfilm to a wood frame. It comes in 500′ rolls.

greenhouse flooring

Greenhouse Flooring, Weed Barrier for Garden

This is an excellent flooring material for your greenhouse. It is also great anywhere you want to stop weeds from growing up around your plants.