Greenhouse Shelving

Greenhouse benches are available in fiberglass frames. It is important to have drainage in your greenhouse bench tops. Our fiberglass benches have UV protected interlocking tops with drainage holes. The UV protection will keep the tops from breaking down in the sunlight. We recommend a narrower bench, say 2′ or 3′ deep for most hobby size greenhouses. This makes it a whole lot easier to work your plants from one side of the bench. Anything more and your plants in the back will be ignored. If you have a bench in the center of your greenhouse you can go with a 4′ wide bench. This is acceptable when you are able to reach the plants from both sides. For commercial greenhouses, wider benches are acceptable, as you are usually working them from both sides. We do have wider benches available. Please send us your requirements for a quote.
Gray Fiberglass Greenhouse Benches

Gray Fiberglass Greenhouse Bench

Features of Fiberglass Benches

Fiberglass  Benches – We love these fiberglass benches because they are made to last. The 20,000 psi fiberglass frames are stronger, lighter and more durable than wood. They resist weathering, will not rust or decay and are corrosion resistant. They are non- conductive and UV protected. They are user friendly and easy to assemble. They are also easy to clean and disinfect, which is central to healthy plants inside your greenhouse. The interlocking tops are also UV protected. They are durable and lightweight with no sagging when properly supported. They can withstand extremely cold and hot temperatures. Legs are 30″ fixed fiberglass legs.  Tools required – drill with 1/4″ masonry bit, clamps, screwdriver. Assembly is required. Not crazy about the color? Fiberglass can be easily painted.