Build a Greenhouse

As many homeowners study greenhouse kits for the first time they find that there are many selections. There are many hobby greenhouse choices to be made. Some will choose a portable green house due to budgetary constraints, or the fact that it just suits their needs better. For instance if you are in a rental house or you know you will be moving shortly, this is the best choice for light duties such as over wintering your plants or starting seeds for the spring. These will typically be made of some sort of greenhouse plastic for ease of assembly and disassembly.

Greenhouse Kits

Halls Magnum Greenhouse with Green Frame and Polycarbonate

Features of Greenhouse Kits

Another popular construction for a green house is a polycarbonate greenhouse. An example of this is an America’s Best Polycarbonate  greenhouse kits. These backyard greenhouses are more permanent. Typically they will stay in the spot where they are constructed. To assemble and disassemble and having to store a greenhouse kit like this is cumbersome and not usually worth the effort.

Another type of hobby greenhouse kits is a tempered glass greenhouse. As far as the greenhouse price, these are typically the most expensive of the home green house. Many people like them because you can see clearly into them unlike polycarbonate greenhouses. Twinwall polycarbonate has a rib running between the two sheets, much like looking down the end of a piece of cardboard box. This rib will distort your view. You will see color, but not form. But, greenhouses of glass will have a much lower insulation factor than greenhouses of polycarbonate. You can dress these up sometimes with a trim to resemble a Victorian greenhouse depending on the manufacturer.

Another popular choice for a hobby green house is lean to attached greenhouses . These will fit up against your home. There are mini green house models in this style all the way up to a larger size. Many homeowners will chose to buy this green house style because they are typically easier to get water and electricity to, since they are attached directly to your home. You will also get some help with the heating of the hobby greenhouses from the wall of your house. It will hold some of the heat gain from the day, particularly if it is a southern facing wall made of brick or block.

We hope this brief explanation of the different types of structures available will assist you in your selection. With the many types of green houses for sale, there are a lot of questions to be answered. This should be looked on as a major investment, and you should definitely do your homework before making this purchase.

Portable Greenhouses