Greenhouse Shade Cloth

Greenhouse shade cloth is probably one of the least expensive and effective ways to help control the amount of heat gain in a greenhouse. Most shade cloths are attached to the outside of the greenhouse. They are typically placed over the roof and held down on each side by homeowner supplied ropes or bungee cords placed through the grommets in the sides of the shade cloth and fastened to the side of your greenhouse or ground stakes. A major concern is what to do about roof vents. There are two ways to handle this. The first one is to use a knitted shade cloth and cut around the roof vent openings. The knitted will not ravel. If you do this with alumitex or woven shade cloth you will need to do something to the cut edges so they will not fray. The easiest way we have found is to tighten the shade cloth down in the areas where there are no roof vents and leave your attachment loose in the areas where there are roof vents. We have found that we will need to readjust for a couple of days after we put the greenhouse  shade cloth on initially. You do not want any extra pressure on the roof vents with automatic openers where the shade cloth is holding them partially closed. This will potentially damage your automatic roof vent openers. Once it is adjusted properly you typically do not need to readjust.  The second option is to place the shade cloth inside the greenhouse. Alumitex is the material of choice for this option. You will need to look at your greenhouse when considering this option. Depending on the make and model there may be trusses or braces in the way. Usually there is a way to overcome these obstacles. Just take a look first before ordering your greenhouse shade cloth.

Black color naturally resists the sun’s harmful UV radiation for many years of satisfactory performance. We offer the black greenhouse shade cloth in two options. The first is the polypropylene woven shade cloth, this must be taped as it will fray. The second option is the polyethylene knit shade cloth. This will not fray. The third shade cloth we offer is Alumitex. Alumitex acts like a mirror as its unique aluminized threads reflect unwanted sunlight and harmful radiation heat from the greenhouse during summer, and preserve the heat inside the greenhouse in winter. When used on the inside of the greenhouse it reflects out the unwanted radiation and heat inside the greenhouse. Due to the superior reflectability and light weight of the Alumitex, it is the perfect cloth to cover the outside of a greenhouse instead of standard black shade cloth. In addition to providing all of the benefits of standard shade cloth, it does not absorb the heat. Its dual functionality  both shades and cools the greenhouse. Much lighter in weight than standard shade cloth, Alumitex is easy and quick to install. This must be taped, it will fray.

All of the shade cloths we offer are taped on all four sides with a 2 3/4″ polypropylene binder and have grommets every 2′ on all four sides.  These are custom made for you as ordered. Please allow 2 weeks for delivery. In the peak season of late spring through summer, please allow 3 weeks.

Woven Greenhouse Shade Cloth

Woven shade cloth needs to be taped, as it will ravel once cut. This picture is showing taping and a grommet as well.

Knitted Greenhouse Shade Cloth

Knitted greenhouse shade cloth will not ravel once it has been cut. This picture is showing a 60% knitted cloth.

Aluminet Greenhouse Shade Cloth

Aluminet greenhouse shade cloth may be placed on the inside or outside of your greenhouse. It will reflect unwanted sunlight. Sorry, this is no longer available.

Woven Shade Cloth

Knitted Shade Cloth

Alumitex 50%

Sorry, No longer available

Alumitex 70%

Sorry, no longer available