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Greenhouse Propagation Systems

Seed Starting Kit

seed starting kit

click on picture for larger view


Everything you need to start your seeds. This kit includes the stand and frame with a 2' lamp, a 22 x 11 white tray , 22 x 11 vented humidity dome, Jiffy Peat 72 count, 50-4" white plant label sticks with marker & Heat Mat (9" x 19.5")

$145.00 including shipping to Contiguous US  Add to Cart


Soil Cables

Propagation Mats

10" x 20" Propagation Mat

Great for starting seeds. Provides even, bottom heat, which helps your seeds germinate. Available in three sizes. See thermostat below.

In order for seeds to germinate properly you should maintain a temperature of about 75 degrees during the day and no cooler than 65 degrees at night.  

$39.95 shipping included to continental US

Will operate with or without the Heat Mat thermostat. Each thermostat will only operate one mat.

20"x 20" Propagation Mat   $59.95 shipping included to continental US

Will operate with or without the Heat Mat thermostat. Each thermostat will only operate one mat.


20" x 48" Propagation Mat   $97 shipping included to continental US

Will operate with or without the Heat Mat thermostat. Each thermostat will only operate one mat.


Precise Heat Mat

precise heat mat

Click on picture for larger view

The Precise Heat Mat is the best soil heating unit available to the home gardener, The unit combines the same heating element and thermostat used by professional growers into one precision tool for the serious gardener. A sensor bulb is inserted into the soil and the dial is set to the desired temperature. Accuracy is designed to be +/- 1 Degree F. The temperature range is from 40 - 100 degrees F. The Precise Heat mats are 120 volts, 80 watts and .6 amps. They have a one year manufacturers warranty.

The Precise Heat Mat operates at 115 V AC and is equipped with a ground fault plug for safe operation.

11" x 4' -$132.00 including shipping to continental United States


11" x 8' - $145.00 including shipping to continental United States


Agritape Root Zone Heater

agriptape root zone heater

Click on picture for larger view. Please note, the controller does not come with the heater. It must be ordered seperately.


Agritape Root Zone Heaters are now available in 4' sections for home gardeners. This system was rated best overall by Organic Gardening's research on seed starting systems.  These mats operate on standard house current  and will deliver the same uniform heat distribution and precise soil temperature that commercial growers rely on. These units may be installed directly on a bench top, or over insulation board. A safety ground screen (included) must cover the tape and a temperature control unit (the AT-JR) is needed to regulate the soil temperature and to provide a convenient ground connection for the screen. The tape is rated at 20 watts/ft. A 4' X 11" mat with a 6' cord and the 4' ground screen are provided in a small corrugated carton. One year manufacturers warranty.

4' x 11" Agritape Root Zone Heater - $49.00 including shipping to continental US


10' x 11" Agritape Root Zone Heater - $85.00 including shipping to continental US


AT-JR Temperature Controller

This product is rated at 13 amps, will operate up to 80 linear feet of Agritape and has two receptacles. The AT-JR will provide temperature control to within 1 degree F of any desired setting from 40 degrees to 100 degrees F. Built to withstand the greenhouse environment, the AT-JR will give many years of dependable service and is an attractive precision instrument.

Use only with the 115 volt Agritape Root Zone Heater

AT-JR temperature control unit - $139.00 including shipping to continental US


Use Propagation Mats to Start Your Seeds

See our complete line of propagation mats

Many gardeners rely on propagation mats (also referred to as heat mats) to provide an

essential source of heat for seed germination. They report faster germination time, fewer

unsprouted seeds, and healthier seedlings. The heat that radiates into the root area also

helps to produce a stronger root structure for a hardier plant.

In cooler climates, seedlings need to be started early, and spend a greater amount of time

growing in the protection of your home or greenhouse. Propagation mats can make the

germination process go more smoothly and yield hardier seedlings that are more likely to

survive until transplanting time and beyond. Here are some simple steps to follow:

• Plant your seeds at the appropriate depth for the seed type, this depth can be found

on the back of the seed packet. Make sure that the planting medium is moist, and

then cover the seeds with 1/8’’ perlite, or any light and loose material to make it

easy for sprouting seedlings to emerge.

• Water planted seeds gently to avoid disturbing the cover medium and dislodge the


• Loosely lay plastic over the top of the tray, or use the clear plastic covers that

come with some trays.

• Place the tray on the propagation mat and then set the thermostat to the required


• It is a good idea to use a thermometer placed on top of your planted seeds to make

sure that temperature remains at the desired level.

• Be sure to check moisture daily and water as needed – heat can dry out the root

area and it is especially important for your sprouting seeds to stay warm.

• When seedlings emerge, move the trays to a spot where they will receive

appropriate light. Place as close to the light source as possible---many seedlings

become ‘leggy’ when forced to reach for a distant light source.

• Remove from the heated propagation mat, unless you are growing warm weather

crops such as tomatoes or peppers--- many varieties benefit from the root warmth.

As for the propagation mats, you’ll find a wide variety of sizes and thicknesses from

which to choose. It is advisable to use a thermostat so that you can control the

temperature relative to the type of seedlings you are starting. You can find desired

germination temperatures listed on seed packets or in some seed catalogs.