Lean-To Greenhouses

Lean-to greenhouses are greenhouses which typically have a roof, two gable ends and a front wall. Although, due to the configuration of the existing building one or two of the gables may be eliminated. Glass greenhouses or polycarbonate greenhouses can be made into lean-to greenhouses. This is a popular style of backyard greenhouses because typically the needed utilities are close at hand and easily accessible. Plus, you may be able to enter your greenhouses direct from your home without going outside. But, many will choose the lean to style as it is more compact and takes less room out of your yard.

Best Buy Polycarbonate Lean-To Greenhouses

Best Buy Polycarbonate Lean To Greenhouses

Features of Lean-To Greenhouses

The main concern when considering buying lean to greenhouse kits is the attaching height. If you have a two-story home it is not as much of an issue as if you are trying to attach to a ranch style home. The lowest recommended roof pitch is a 2.5 on 12 pitch. What this means is that for every foot your glass or polycarbonate greenhouses go away from your house they are dropping down 2 ½”. Any less of a pitch and leaking, snow damage, etc would be an issue. Another issue to consider when designing your lean to greenhouse kits is allowing for the greenhouse vent to have proper clearing. Most manufacturers will recommend a minimum of 4 – 6” without obstruction above the vent. Also, if you are trying to place this unit on a deck or a balcony you will need to pay attention to any railings which may be present. Typically the glazing is installed from the outside of the unit. If you are trying to butt up next to your railing you will not even be able to install the unit. The only way to handle this problem is to either make the unit smaller, so that you have a walkway inside the railing. Or, remove the railing while you are installing and replace it afterwards. Also, if you are going directly on a deck you may want to place plywood or some type of product to seal the gaps on the floor before you install your lean to greenhouse.

Most people are under the assumption that lean to greenhouses are cheap greenhouses. This is due to the fact that there is one less wall. You will probably find this not to be true for glass greenhouses or an aluminum greenhouse. Usually, per square foot, the price will be higher for a lean to.

With the increase in pesticides in our food, many people are focusing on organic greenhouses. Typically in a greenhouse environment there is not a weed issue. If you clean your greenhouse once a year as is recommended and maintain it properly through the year, pests will not be an issue either.