Polycarbonate Greenhouse Kits

Polycarbonate Greenhouses are our top choice for functionality. They are available in many different configurations, including curved eave, straight eave, mill finish frames and painted frames.

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10mm polycarbonate greenhouse
polycarbonate greenhouse

Features of Polycarbonate Greenhouses

We prefer polycarbonate greenhouses for several reasons. First is the durability of the panels. Second is the higher insulation value you receive from the polycarbonate vs glass. Twinwall polycarbonate is like looking down the wall of a cardboard box. It has a sheet on the inside, a sheet on the outside, and a rib running through the center of it. The rib in the polycarbonate sheet is straight, rather than wavy like corrugated cardboard. But, the rib will distort your view. You will be able to see color, but not form through the ribs. Honestly, this is the only downfall we can think of to twinwall polycarbonate greenhouses. That is why we offer some of our polycarbonate kits with a clear, see through polycarbonate for the sides. For better growing conditions, our top choice is a polycarbonate greenhouse.


The Chalet greenhouse has the old wordly style of an orangerie. With a powder coated aluminum frame, a large double door, clear polycarbonate sides and a twinwall polycarbonate roof, this greenhouse has all of the most desirable features.


The Americana has a gambrel or barn shaped roof. This greenhouse also has a much appreciated double door. This is great for bringing in larger plants or wheelbarrows. WIth crystal clear polycarbonate sides and a twinwall polycarbonate roof you get added insulation with a clear glass like view.

10mm Polycarbonate Greenhouse

10mm polycarbonate greenhouse door open

8 x 8 10mm polycarbonate greenhouse

This greenhouse is available in 4 sizes from 8 x 8 to 8 x 20. The frame is a gray powder coated aluminum and it is glazed with 10mm twinwall polycarbonate.

Hexagonal Greenhouse

Hexagonal Greenhouse

Hexagonal Shaped Polycarbonate Greenhouse

This aluminum hexagonal shaped greenhouse has an aluminum frame with a twinwall polycarbonate roof and clear polycarbonate sides.

Gothic Arch Style Greenhouse

polycarbonate greenhouse

8 x 8 polycarbonate greenhouse


The Gothic Arch Style Greenhouse comes in an 8′ width and 4 different lengths. It has a rust resistant aluminum frame and is glazed with a 6mm twinwall polycarbonate. The unique design helps with wind resistance and allows snow to easily slide off.