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Glass Like Clarity in Polycarbonate Lean To Greenhouse

See Thru Polycarbonate Lean To Greenhouse

Have you been looking for a glass lean to greenhouse, but wish the price was not quite so high? This attached greenhouse is the perfect option. You get the clear “see thru” glass clarity in the sidewalls (single UV protected polycarbonate) with the added insulation of a twinwall polycarbonate roof. Plus, no need to worry about glass breaking with this model. Framing is aluminum with a white or green powder coated finish. Custom colors are now available, see below.

See Thru Polycarbonate Lean To

Glass Like Clarity with Polycarbonate Strength

Clear See Thru Polycarbonate Greenhouse

See Thru Polycarbonate Greenhouse Gable End Attached

See Thru Polycarbonate Greenhouse vs Twinwall Polycarbonate Greenhouse

This greenhouse is for people who prefer a polycarbonate greenhouse over glass, but still want the clear view out the sides as in a glass greenhouse. The sidewalls are 3/16″ UV protected clear polycarbonate. They have a 5 year warranty against breakage. The roof is a 6mm clear twinwall polycarbonate. The aluminum frame and the twinwall polycarbonate both have a 10 year warranty. The frame is available in our standard colors of white or green. We are now able to offer these in custom match colors as well. Also available is the gable end attached style as well as a typical lean to attached greenhouse. Please contact us for pricing on gable end attached models. There are no roof vents priced with this greenhouse. They may be added on as desired. The ventilation fan and thermostat are included in the price. You also get added ventilation from the door. It has a movable glass panel that opens to a screened area. This greenhouse is made for you as ordered. Proudly Made in the USA.

Questions & Answers Q: How soon will my order ship? This greenhouse is made for you upon order. It will take approximately 4 weeks from order to receipt. The unit is shipped via Common Carrier (truck). You are responsible for unloading. We will not authorize a power lift gate, unless you agree to the additional charge. This is usually somewhere around $100. The greenhouse is packed in (3) packs: Total shipping weight will be somewhere around 300 +/- pounds depending on the size of the greenhouse. The main aluminum frame will be in a box about 6″ x 6″ x the length of your greenhouse and weigh about 65 pounds. The rest will be on a skid with a total overall weight of about 250 pounds. You can remove the strap on the skid and unload the different pieces easily.

  • Pack (1) aluminum frame box is 12” x 14” x length of unit .
  • Pack (2) glazing box is 24”W x 12” x 96” long .
  • Pack (3) electrical (fan, vents and thermostat ) this pack is sent via U.P.S.

Q: What kind of instructions do you give for assembling my greenhouse? 1. A DVD showing each stage of assembly. 2. A comprehensive assembly instruction manual with color pictures and 3. Written procedures for each stage of assembly. Ground preparation layout instructions included.

Q: What do I need for a foundation? We recommend setting the units on 4” x 6” timbers that are set into the ground. The top of these timbers should be visible above the ground. Remove the dirt from inside this frame and fill with crushed stone. This will pack down to provide a floor for the greenhouse. It will also allow for good drainage.

Q: Do I need a separate base frame? All units come complete. There are no additional frame parts required.

Q: I live in a very open area with high winds, can I secure the foundations without using cement footings? If the greenhouse is to be positioned in a highly exposed area, it is recommended that the timbers be pinned down using rebar (approx 1Ft from the corners). The holes need to be drilled at an angle of about 45 degrees toward the center of the timber with the rebar driven down below the top of the timber.

Q: What is the warranty on this greenhouse? The manufacturer gives 10 years on the polycarbonate against yellowing and 10 years on the aluminum frame. All additional electrics i.e. fans vents and the thermostat carry the standard manufactures warranty, normally 1 year.