10mm Polycarbonate Greenhouse

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This 10mm polycarbonate greenhouse is available in 4 sizes (8 x 8, 8 x 12, 8 x 16, 8 x 20). NEW SIZE – 6′ x 8′. With a  gray powder coating this aluminum frame is made to last. Extra height at the sidewall and peak are great for your taller plants. With a  sidewall of just over 6′ the peak is almost 9′. One great feature of this greenhouse is the threshold at the door. This allows you to bring in a wagon, wheelbarrow or larger plants on a dolly without worrying about tripping or stepping up. Natural ventilation is accomplished with a side louver and the appropriate number of roof vents for the size of greenhouse. If you would like to collect rainwater there is a gutter system to assist. The door is 31″ wide and is lockable. This  greenhouse comes with a 10 year warranty.

10mm polycarbonate greenhouse door open

8 x 8 10mm polycarbonate greenhouse

10mm greenhouse 6 x 8

This 6 x 8 greenhouse is glazed with 10mm twinwall polycarbonate

10mm polycarbonate greenhouse

10mm polycarbonate greenhouse




Measurements of the 6′ x 8′

  • width 6′ 5″
  • length 8′
  • peak height 8′ 10″
  • Door 31.7″ x 74″

Features of 10mm Polycarbonate Greenhouse

  • Gray powder coated aluminum frame
  • Upgraded 10mm twinwall polycarbonate
  • One side louver
  • Appropriate number of manual roof vents for size of greenhouse
  • Threshold at door
  • Gutter system
  • 31″ Door that is lockable
  • Extra height – over 6′ at sidewall with an almost 9′ peak
  • 10 year warranty
drawing 8 x 8 greenhouse

8 x 8 features

8 x 12 10mm polycarbonate greenhouse

8 x 12 features

8 x 16 10mm polycarbonate greenhouse

8 x 16 features

8 x 20 features

Door threshold

Door threshold

Threshold at door

Side Louver Included with this greenhouse

side louver 10mm polycarbonate greenhouse

side louver 10mm polycarbonate greenhouse

Anchor Brackets

10mm greenhouse anchor bracket

10mm greenhouse anchor bracket

Greenhouse base

base for 10mm greenhouse

Base for 10mm greenhouse

6 x 8 greenhouse*   Not in inventory $2449.00

8 x 8 greenhouse*   $2899.00 Add to Cart

8 x 12 greenhouse* $4349.00 Add to Cart

8 x 16 greenhouse*   $5799.00 Add to Cart

8 x 20 greenhouse*  $7199.00 Add to Cart

Automatic roof vent opener $89.99, free shipping only when ordered with greenhouse Add to Cart

automatic roof vent opener

Solar Powered roof vent opener

*Price includes shipping to Contiguous US. We will not authorize a power lift gate, unless you agree to the additional charge. This is usually somewhere around $100.