The Acadian Curved Glass Greenhouse kit has all of the same great features as our straight eave Acadian. The frame is available in a white, brown or green baked on enamel. The frame is all aluminum. All of the glass in the Acadian curved glass greenhouse kit is single  tempered glass, even the curve. You may find acrylic in some other curved glass greenhouses.

Acadian Curved Glass Greenhouse

Acadian Curved Glass Greenhouse

Features of Acadian Curved Glass Greenhouse

All of the oversized roof vents (20″ x 48″) come with automatic openers. The automatic openers have a wax cylinder and work on contraction and expansion. When the wax gets hot it expands and pushes the vent open. When it cools, it contracts and pulls the vent shut. The glass panels are held securely in place with an aluminum glazing cap that is screwed directly into the greenhouse frame. With other greenhouses you may find a W wire holding the glass. Our door is a combination storm door with a keylock. This has an adjustable panel with a screen for added ventilation. We can do a door drop with our Acadian curved glass greenhouse kit. This will accommodate an owner supplied kneewall. We will do this for no charge, we just need to know how many inches you are building your wall. The sidewalls are 5′ 6″ to the middle of the curve, allowing for extra headroom. The peak heights will vary with the width of the greenhouse. Like our straight eave Acadian, the frame is so strong that you can hang a 50 pound plant from every roof bar.

We also offer side vents for the Acadian Greenhouse. In conjunction with the roof vents, this will provide a natural ventilation for your greenhouse. We also offer ventilation packages including motorized exhaust fans, intake shutters with a thermostat.

Add up all of these top of the line features, and you have a truly beautiful and functional greenhouse.

There are many different sizes available for this greenhouse. If you do not see the size you want below, please contact us..

Acadian Curved Eave Greenhouse

This picture is showing an owner supplied knee wall and benches. The benches are not included with the greenhouse.

Optional Side Vent

The optional side vents are 24″ x 24″ and come with the solar powered openers. We suggest placing one below each roof vent.

Optional Victorian Trim

This heavy duty aluminum Victorian Trim comes with finials on each end. It is a beautiful addition to a curved glass greenhouse kit.

Widths available from 6′ to 20′       Lengths available from 6′ to 100′

Sorry, not currently available.

This ships by truck. You are responsible for unloading. We order a power lift gate for this greenhouse.