How To Attach Greenhouse Plastic to Wood Frame

This batten tape is perfect for securely attaching your greenhouse polyfilm to the wood frame of your greenhouse. Simply pull the tape taught and staple. The staples should be about every 4″ using a minimum of a 5/ 16″ staple. If you waited too long and are putting your film on in the cold weather, be sure to keep your batten tape in a warm location before using it. Are you in a windy location? Use a double line of tape. When you are ready to remove, simply grab an end of the tape and pull. This is a white vinyl strip 3/4″ wide and 1/32″ inch thick and will resist cold cracking. Available in cases of 4 rolls of 500′ long. $285.00 per  4 – 500′ roll including shipping to Contiguous US.  Add to Cart

Batten Tape for Greenhouse Polyfilm

White Batten Tape for Installing Polyfilm to Greenhouse Frame


Fasten Polyfilm to Greenhouse with White Batten Tape

White Batten Tape