Curved Polycarbonate Greenhouse Kits

The curved polycarbonate greenhouse is available in 2 widths, 12′ and 16′. The style and durability of this greenhouse make it a welcome addition to your yard or school. The lengths are between 12′ to 30′, in increments of 6′. It has a 2″ x 2″ square galvanized steel frame for added strength. The extrusions are aluminum. Made in the USA. This greenhouse is currently available with an approximate 2 week lead time.

curved polycarbonate greenhouse

Curved Eave Polycarbonate greenhouse

Picture above is showing the optional ventilation system. Inside View to the Right is Showing the Optional Stationary Bench and optional ventilation system.
curved polycarbonate greenhouse

Inside Greenhouse

Features of Greenhouse

This greenhouse is covered with 8mm clear twinwall polycarbonate, our top choice for greenhouse glazing. The polycarbonate comes with a 15 year warranty. The door is ADA compliant, a necessity for schools or public facilities. The sidewall on the curved polycarbonate greenhouse is 5′. The peak height is 7′ 4″ on the 12′ wide model, and 7′ 10″ on the 16′ wide model. Options include ventilation systems, heaters, stationary benches and portable benches. With all of these options available, this is truly an exceptional greenhouse. For areas with high snow loads, we recommend the model with 8′ sidewalls and trusses in the roof. For pricing on this model, please contact us.

Curved Polycarbonate Greenhouse Optional Ventilation System

Optional Ventilation System

You may choose from a 30″ slant wall fan or a 18″ industrial box fan for this greenhouse. There are a 2 stage thermostat and 24″ motorized shutters available as well.
Curved Polycarbonate Greenhouse LP Greenhouse Heater

Optional 30,000 BTU LP Heater

A 30,000 BTU LP Heater is appropriately sized for this greenhouse.
Optional Stationary Bench

Optional Stationary Bench

The Optional Stationary Bench is 3′ wide and is attached to the frame.
We will not authorize a power lift gate, unless you agree to the additional charge. This is usually somewhere around $100.