Polycarbonate Greenhouse Kits

The Evangeline Greenhouse has many quality features which we feel makes it the very best available in this price range. It is manufactured in an ISO 9001:2000 factory certified for quality process and procedures assuring you of this quality. The frame has a limited lifetime warranty. The polycarbonate is warranted for 10 years. Here is what we feel sets this greenhouse apart.

The Evangeline is available in a curved eave or straight eave configuration. The greenhouse comes with 6mm twinwall polycarbonate or 16mm five wall polycarbonate (straight eave only).

Evangeline Polycarbonate Greenhouse

Evangeline Greenhouse 8 x 12, Straight Eave, Brown Frame, Polycarbonate

Evangeline Greenhouse

Evangeline Greenhouse, Curved Eave, Double Door, White Frame, Polycarbonate

Features of Evangeline Greenhouse

The Evangeline Greenhouse comes with a continuous glazing bar. In other words the glazing bar runs all the way from the ground to the peak in the curved eave model. In the straight eave there is one bar for the roof and one for the sidewalls. The polycarbonate is held securely in place by placing a two sided tape against the greenhouse frame, placing your polycarbonate and then screwing in the continuous cap. No worry about panels being secure with this system.

The frame is all aluminum with a baked on enamel finish. The Evangeline Greenhouse is available in a white, brown or green frame. It has a convenient frame track for adding accessories such as ventilation systems, foggers, circulating fans, shelving, etc. They are so strong you can put a 50 pound hanging basket on every roof bar!

Each Evangeline Greenhouse is rated for 32 psf snow load and 85 mph wind loads. This is much higher than most greenhouses available today.

If you are going to build a kneewall, we will adjust the frame for you at no cost. This is called a door drop. We will provide you with a foundation sketch showing the door placement once the order is placed, so you can prepare the site before the greenhouse arrives.

Our roof vents are oversized at 20″ x 48″ and they come with an automatic solar powered opener supplied.  Our weather tight vent frame for roof and side vents is accomplished because the sliders, vent frames and ridge beam have a weather stripping added to it.

The sidewall is 5’6″ on all Evangeline Greenhouses giving you extra height. The peak height will be dependent on the width you choose. All materials are pre- cut for ease of assembly. The screws and bolts are all stainless steel. All required capping and caulking are provided. The door is a premium 1 1/2″ combination glass/screen door with a key lock so you can secure your greenhouse and get added ventilation. The 16mm 5 wall polycarbonate greenhouse comes with a removable polycarbonate panel for the door. The door can be hinged on the right hand side or the left hand side, unless otherwise indicated. You determine this by facing the greenhouse from the outside.

We also offer side vents for the Evangeline Greenhouse. In conjunction with the roof vents, this will provide a natural ventilation for your greenhouse. We also offer ventilation packages including motorized exhaust fans, intake shutters with a thermostat.

When you add up all of these top of the line features of this greenhouse, we are sure you will find it to be an enjoyable, lifetime investment.

There are many different sizes available for this greenhouse. If you do not see the size you want below, please contact us.


Evangeline Greenhouse with Optional Side Vent

Optional Side Vent with Solar Powered Opener

The optional side vent, working with the roof vents, allows for natural ventilation.

Curved Eave Evangeline Greenhouse with Green Frame

This is a picture of the curved eave Evangeline with a green frame.

Optional Victorian Trim for Evangeline Greenhouse

Optional Victorian Trim

This heavy cast aluminum Victorian Ridge and Finials will set your greenhouse apart. The color of this trim will match your greenhouse frame.

Evangeline Straight Eave Greenhouse with White Frame

This picture is showing a straight eave Evangeline Greenhouse with a white frame.

Evangeline Greenhouse Installation Manual

Concerned about installation? View a copy of a representational installation manual. Please, when installing,  always use the manual that comes with your greenhouse, as there may be slight changes. The curved eave will assemble slightly different. The panels are placed in the bays and bent on site. This is done without use of any special tools, just by applying pressure. You will then screw the glazing cap over top to hold them securely in place.

Evangeline Straight Eave Installation Manual

Why 16mm 5 wall Polycarbonate?

This picture shows the 3 interior walls. With an R value of 3.03, it is about 80% more efficient that our 6mm twinwall.

Widths available from 6′ to 20′       Lengths available from 6′ to 100’​

Sorry, not currently available



We will not authorize a power lift gate, unless you agree to the additional charge. This is usually somewhere around $100.