Greenhouse Fan

The Greenhouse Circulation Fan is vital to healthy plants in your greenhouse. They reduce heat stress and improve air quality. This is done by a gentle “racetrack” air pattern which mixes the air from the ceiling to the floor. You need to maintain air circulation so that temperatures remain uniform throughout the greenhouse during the winter when the greenhouse is heated. For those without electricity available at your greenhouse location, we now offer a solar powered circulation fan. Scroll down the page for more information on this product.

Greenhouse Circulation Fan

Greenhouse Circulation Fan


Features of Circulation Fans


Without air mixing fans, the warm air rises to the top and the cool air settles around the plants on the floor. Also, a greenhouse circulation fan will help to eliminate hot and cold spots in corners.  Fans help to maintain uniform temperatures, and will reduce heating costs up to 5%. Fans also prevent mildew and plant diseases by reducing the humidity within the plant canopy. Carbon dioxide utilization is also improved, a basic necessity for healthy plants.

Small fans with a cubic foot per minute air moving capacity equal to one quarter of the air volume of the greenhouse are sufficient. For small greenhouses, place the fans in diagonally opposite corners. If you have a larger greenhouse, you may need to place circulation fans at the halfway mark of the length. Also, you may need to place 4 across on the width. For most hobby greenhouses, one in each corner will be sufficient. Turn the circulation fans off during the warmest summer months when the greenhouse will be needed to be ventilated. An often overlooked item, the greenhouse circulating fan is a small investment for healthy plants.

These are also often referred to as HAF fans, horizontal air flow fans.

Greenhouse Circulation Fan Placement Guide

Greenhouse Circulation Fan Placement Guide

Halls Magnum Ridge Cap

Greenhouse Circulation Fan


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pre lubricated ball bearings
totally enclosed
powder coated steel fan mount
aluminum fan blade
450 CFM
1/100 HP
115 V
1550 RPM
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Solar Powered Circulating Fan


Finally, solar powered ventilation components. For years people with greenhouses in locations without electricity have struggled to keep their greenhouses cool. That is not the case anymore. This 12″ circulating fan comes with finger guards on both sides and also has the chains for hanging. This includes 10 foot of cable and can be added to the solar panel with one solar exhaust fan kit. The solar panel is not included in this pricing. Pricing is $676.00 and includes free shipping to the Contiguous US.
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