Greenhouse Plastic

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Greenhouse Film is the most economical way to cover your greenhouse. This greenhouse film has a UV protection that is warranted to last 4 years. It is 6 mil thick. If you have ever used a greenhouse film without UV protection, the difference will become evident to you within the first year. Greenhouse film that does not have the UV protection will get yellow and brittle, many times within the first season of use.

Greenhouse Film

Greenhouse Film, 6 mil, 4 year, clear or white

Greenhouse Film

Greenhouse Film, 6 mil, 4 year, white or clear

Features of Greenhouse Film

They are available in clear (80% light transmission) or white (20% light transmission). The greenhouse film may be attached to your greenhouse in several different manners. The easiest way with a wood frame is to wrap the ends of the film around a board. Then you would staple the film to the board. Screw the board to the bottom board of your greenhouse frame. Although, this is certainly not the only way to fasten the film to your frame. The important thing about attaching your film is making sure it is tight, but not overly tight. If you leave the greenhouse film too loose, a strong wind will lift it up and bring it back down against your frame. This may cause your film to rip. We suggest ordering at least 2′ more (on each of the 4 sides) than you think you will need to allow for fastening.

We custom cut these pieces for you off the master rolls. To order select the width you want and put the number of feet of length you want in the quantity box and hit the add to cart button. The shopping cart will calculate the cost for you. For example, if you choose the button for 16′ wide and put quantity of 50, you will receive a piece of film 16′ wide x 50′ long.  Shipping is included in the prices to the Contiguous US. This greenhouse film is priced under 100 lineal feet, and a quantity discount is applied for pieces over 100 lineal feet.

Lock Wire and Base for Greenhouse Polyfilm

Wiggle Wire and Base

The Base and Wiggle Wire is used to securely fasten greenhouse polyfilm to your greenhouse frame.

White Batten Tape to Fasten Greenhouse Polyfilm

Batten Tape

This tape can be used to securely fasten your greenhouse polyfilm to your wood greenhouse frame. Available in 500′ rolls.

Greenhouse Roof vent

Greenhouse Roof Vent

This greenhouse roof vent is easily installed into your polyfilm greenhouse using the pre-installed channel and wiggle wire (included).

Single Stack Inflation Kit for Greenhouse Polyfilm

Air Inflation System for Greenhouse Film

Use these inflation kits to blow air between 2 layers of greenhouse polyfilm to save up to 40% in energy costs!

Tube polyfilm, double layer polyfilm

The tube polyfilm is excellent when you are glazing a double layer film greenhouse. It is much simpler than pulling 2 separate layers of film over the top of the greenhouse. For installation of this we recommend the base and w wire. To create the insulated layer you will need a poly inflation fan kit.