Build A Greenhouse

Greenhouses at a glance is a side by side comparison of all of our greenhouses for sale based on materials, size and prices. We offer polyfilm, polycarbonate, glass and lean to models. This will help you narrow down your search for your new greenhouse.

High Tunnel

The high tunnel has a galvanized steel frame. It comes with single polyfilm, manual roll up side wall curtains, 2 oversized roll up doors, and one walk door. It is NRCS approved. Size is 30′ x 72′. Pricing includes 6′ sidewalls with 4′ bows.   Made in the USA.

Gothic Style High Tunnel

Single Polyfilm High Tunnel

Polyfilm Greenhouses, Clear Polyfilm

Polyfilm Greenhouse Clear Polyfilm

Polyfilm Greenhouse

Our Polyfilm Greenhouse has a galvanized steel frame. It comes standard with clear 6 mil, 4 year polyfilm. The side roll up curtains shown are a valuable option for this greenhouse. It is available in 3 sizes from 10′ x 11′ to 10′ x 27′. Made in the USA.

Double Polyfilm Greenhouse

The double polyfilm greenhouse has a galvanized steel frame. It comes with double polyfilm, an inflation system, an exhaust system, and a propane heater. Everything you need to get started growing. It is only available in one size – 16′ x 24′. Standard pricing includes 4′ sidewalls. Higher 6′ sidewalls are available as an add on. . Made in the USA.

Double Polyfilm Greenhouse

Double Polyfilm Greenhouse

Polycarbonate Greenhouses at a Glance

Hexagonal Polycarbonate Greenhouse

Our Hexagonal Polycarbonate Greenhouse is a beautiful addition to any yard. It has an aluminum frame and is covered with durable polycarbonate. The roof is twinwall polycarbonate, while the side walls are clear, see through polycarbonate.


Hexagonal Greenhouse

Hexagonal Shaped Polycarbonate Greenhouse

polycarbonate greenhouse

8 x 8 polycarbonate grenehouse

Gothic Arch Style Greenhouse

The Gothic Arch Style Greenhouse comes in an 8′ width and 4 different lengths. It has a rust resistant aluminum frame and is glazed with a 6mm twinwall polycarbonate. The unique design helps with wind resistance and allows snow to easily slide off.

Chalet Greenhouse

This greenhouse has a charcoal gray powder coated aluminum frame. It is glazed with twinwall polycarbonate in the roof and crystal clear single polycarbonate on the sides for a glass like clarity.

Americana Greenhouse

The Americana Greenhouse has an aluminum frame with a twinwall polycarbonate roof and crystal clear single polycarbonate sides. The desirable 12′ x 12′ plus the unique barn shaped roof all add up to make this a great greenhouse. 

10mm Polycarbonate Greenhouse

This greenhouse is covered with 10mm twinwall polycarbonate and has a gray powder coated aluminum frame. It is available in 4 sizes from 8 x 8 to 8 x 20. A side louver is included with all sizes. An appropriate number of manual roof vents also come with each greenhouse.

10mm polycarbonate greenhouse door open

8 x 8 10mm polycarbonate greenhouse

Curved Eave Polycarbonate Greenhouses

Curved Eave Polycarbonate Greenhouse

Curved Polycarbonate Greenhouse

This greenhouse is available in 12′ or 16′ widths. Lengths are between 12′ and 30′. The frame is a curved galvanized steel frame with aluminum extrusions. The glazing is 8mm clear twinwall polycarbonate with a 15 year warranty. This greenhouse has many accessories available, including stationary benches, heating and ventilation packages. Made in the USA.

Evangeline Greenhouse

The Evangeline greenhouse has a green aluminum frame and is glazed with 6mm clear twinwall polycarbonate. There are many great features included with this superior structure, such as a roof vent with automatic openers and a combination storm door for additional ventilation.

8 x 8 Evangeline Greenhouse

8 x 8 Evangeline
Polycarbonate Greenhouse

Glass Greenhouses at a Glance

8 x 8 Acadian Greenhouse

8 x 8 Acadian Greenhouse

Acadian Greenhouse

This beautiful tempered glass greenhouses has a brown aluminum frame and twinwall polycarbonate roof. The best of both worlds.

Lean To Attached Greenhouses

Best Buy Lean To Greenhouse

The Best Buy Lean To is a great smaller size for people with limited area or for on a balcony. It has clear polycarbonate sides and twinwall polycarbonate roofing. The aluminum rust resistant frame will last for years. .

Best Buy Polycarbonate Lean To

Lean to Greenhouse kit