What are the different types of greenhouses?

Greenhouses Information – With the ever increasing popularity of the green and organic industries more and more homeowners are purchasing greenhouses for their backyards. Many of these come in the form of greenhouse kits. Others will choose to design and build their own greenhouse. You will have many choices to make in this process. One of the first considerations is what type of structure do you want? You will be able to choose from mini, small, home, portable, plastic, film, glass, wooden, hobby, freestanding or lean to greenhouses.

Greenhouses Information

Woman Outside Her Greenhouse

Greenhouses Information

Some people are interested in solar greenhouses. There is a lot of information available on this particular subject. Many people will try to harness the solar gain that is made during the day and use that as their primary heat source. But, some say that they still need to use greenhouse heaters to maintain the proper temperature. There are several things you can do to increase the effectiveness of a solar greenhouse. Of course making sure that you have the best insulated glazing is important. Polycarbonate is an excellent choice, possibly 16 mm triple wall. Your knee wall or foundation should be insulated as well. Also, there are methods of storing your solar gain from the day such as by filling metal drums with water, painting them black and placing them beneath your benches. Night curtains will also help you maintain some of your heat from the day. There are all kinds of methods being explored in this particular field. It is definitely a subject which merits looking into. This will quite possible be the way gardening is done by all in the near future.

The most important step is to purchase the proper greenhouse accessories to maintain a proper temperature and climate for your greenhouse gardening. It is also important to maintain proper ventilation in the greenhouse. This will help to maintain a cooler temperature in the warmer months. Many people are also exploring hydroponics or aquaponics to grow their vegetables. What is better than walking to your home greenhouse, picking a fresh tomato and having it for dinner? You can show all of your friends and neighbors what a great greenhouse gardener you are. Many people will just use a portable or mini greenhouse to over winter their plants. Others will purchase a hobby greenhouse for their prize orchids. Still others will start their garden vegetables in their greenhouses to be planted in the ground once the danger of frost has gone.

Another important consideration is where to locate your greenhouse kit. Of course we cannot all have the optimum location. If you have too much sun exposure you can cut down on the heat by using a shade cloth. Or, if you do not have enough light, you can supplement with greenhouse lighting. Whatever your particular problem is there is probably the proper greenhouse equipment available to remedy your situation. Whether you need extra heat, extra shade, extra light, you should be able to address all of these situations.

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