Hobby Greenhouse Gardening Kits

Hobby greenhouse kits are the perfect place to start seeds for your garden, pot up plants into larger containers and keep your gardeners supplies. With the increase in interest in organic gardening, many people are investigating hobby greenhouse kits to grow their own vegetables. In this way you can control the chemicals and pesticides which come in contact with your food source. There are many organic choices of fertilizers, pest control, etc. We are all looking for a more healthy alternative to food imported from outside countries. You can use such things as a mild soapy spray to get rid of some bugs. Also, a garlic spray or salt spray will help at times. Just be sure to do your research on these homemade alternatives before you use them and always test them before spraying the entire plant. They may be harmful to certain plants especially in the wrong concentrations. Some people may even have a greenhouse sale with the extra vegetables that they harvest. You can set up a stand by the road, or some local grocery stores or fruit or outdoor shops may purchase them from you. What better way to make a few extra dollars and increase the health of those around you.

garden greenhouses

Garden Greenhouses

Features of Garden Greenhouses

Glass greenhouses or a polycarbonate greenhouse may be used. Given the proper accessories they may be used year round. The two most important accessories are a heater and a ventilation system. You can also set up greenhouse misting. Typically they will also have some sort of greenhouse vent. The most popular is a solar powered vent arm. These are basically wax cylinders that work on the principals of contraction and expansion. When the greenhouse gets hot the wax expands and pushes the vent open. When the wax gets cold it contracts and pulls the vent shut.

Some people will use plastic greenhouses, a pop up greenhouse, a PVC greenhouse or a portable greenhouse. The last four styles are typically used simply for over wintering or starting seeds rather than growing plants year round. These are perfectly fine for their given purpose. Just be sure you are not expecting too much out of these styles. They will definitely not last as long as lean to greenhouses and other more permanent structures, but with proper care a few years of use should be expected.