Indoor Plant Carts

Whether you are starting seeds, growing vegetables, collecting African Violets or other gesneriads, these plant stands indoor are ideal. They come in several different configurations and sizes. The frames are either aluminum or brown finish. Most come with a removable tent for additional humidity. The fluorescent lighting is desirable for growing your indoor plants. The light fixtures are easily moved up and down to accommodate plants of varying heights. Have a child or a classroom full of kids who are eager to learn about growing plants indoors? Check out our grow labs, with a complete 112 page book addressing everything from planning and planting, to tackling pests and other challenges.


White.Green African Violet

This is one of my favorite African Violets growing in my plant cart.

Benefits of Plants Stands Indoor

These plant stands give your plants optimum indoor growing conditions. With the available self watering kits, humidity grids and humidity tents, you can meet the needs of just about any indoor plant. Not to mention, the convenience of having the self watering kits when it is vacation time. No need to get the neighbor or a good friend to come in and take care of your plants. Plus, don’t forget about the convenience of the adjustable lamps, to accommodate just about any indoor plant you desire. Our Grow Labs are the perfect item for a child who is curious about growing plants. These kits come with everything you need to get growing inside. Plant stands indoor are versatile and will give optimal growing conditions to many different types of plants. You can grow lettuce, herbs, african violets, begonias,  orchids, cyclamen, peperomia, and aloe vera to mention a few plants that grow well under flourescent lighting such as is supplied with our plant stands indoor. Or, you can use your stand to start your plants for your garden and your flower beds.