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Polyfilm Green Houses for Sale


Our Polyfilm Greenhouse is covered with a 6 mil, 4 year polyfilm. The polyfilm is UV protected. The film is available in clear (80% light transmission), or white (55% light transmission). Simple assembly makes it a snap to get growing. The frame is made of galvanized steel. The insulated door has a built in shutter for extra ventilation. This door also comes with a keylock and measures 27″ x 72″. The peak height is 8′. The sidewall is 5′. This greenhouse has 3 runs of purlins for additional strength. This greenhouse is Made in the USA.

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Polyfilm Greenhouse, Clear Polyfilm

Polyfilm Greenhouse Clear Polyfilm with optional roll up curtain

Polyfilm Greenhouse with White Polyfilm

Polyfilm Greenhouse with White Polyfilm and optional roll up sides

Features of Polyfilm Greenhouses

There is a one year limited warranty on the frame. There are many options available with this greenhouse. We suggest the roll- up curtain for added ventilation, even in areas where there is no electricity available. This optional item is shown in both of the pictures above. The polyfilm greenhouse is excellent for growing vegetables, starting seedlings, overwintering plants, growing bonsai plants, etc.
Optional Roll Up Curtain for Polyfilm Greenhouse

Polyfilm Greenhouse Optional Roll Up Curtain

The Polyfilm Greenhouse Roll Up Curtain is optional. This is excellent for additional ventilation even in areas where there is no electricity.
Polyfilm Greenhouse Box Fan

Box Fan for Polyfilm Greenhouse

This optional box fan will supply additional ventilation for your Polyfilm Greenhouse.
Stationary Bench for Polyfilm Greenhouse

Stationary Bench

This 2′ wide stationary bench is available with the Polyfilm Greenhouse.
We will not authorize a power lift gate, unless you agree to the additional charge. This is usually somewhere around $100.