Polyfilm Greenhouses

Polyfilm greenhouses are an excellent choice for homeowners or small commercial growers. They are great for starting plants or over wintering plants. They are economical and easy to install. The polyfilm has a UV protection to prevent the sun from breaking it down. It is translucent and diffuses light well. The light is diffused so that all parts of the plant receive equal light, even under the plant canopy.  This will mean healthier plants in your greenhouse. It is the same 4 year, 6 mil covering that commercial growers use.

Looking for greenhouse polyfilm? Find it here.     Looking for reinforced greenhouse polyfilm? Find it here.

Polyfilm Greenhouse, Clear Polyfilm

Polyfilm Greenhouse Clear Polyfilm

Double Polyfilm Greenhouse

Double Polyfilm Greenhouse

Features of Polyfilm Greenhouses

The polyfilm greenhouses are available with single layer film or a double layer film. The double film greenhouse comes with the inflation kit included. This will inflate the double polyfilm, adding a layer of air between the two layers for better insulation.  It also comes priced with a heater and ventilation package. The single layer polyfilm greenhouse has an optional roll up curtain. This is an excellent option for extra ventilation in areas where there is no electricity available. The frames are heavy duty, galvanized steel frames. These greenhouses are built to last!

High Tunnel

The high tunnel has a galvanized steel frame. It comes with single polyfilm, manual roll up side wall curtains, 2 oversized roll up doors, and one walk door. It is NRCS approved. Size is 30′ x 72′. Pricing includes 6′ sidewalls with 4′ bows.  Made in the USA.

White Polyfilm Greenhouses

Polyfilm Greenhouse

The single polyfilm greenhouse is available with white or clear polyfilm. The frame is a heavy duty galvanized frame. This greenhouse is built for easy assembly. There are many options available with this greenhouse. Made in the USA.

Double Polyfilm Greenhouses

Double Polyfilm Greenhouse

The double polyfilm greenhouse comes as a complete package. The heavy duty frame is built to last. The covering is a 6 mil, 4 year clear polyfilm. An inflation kit, heater and ventilation package come standard with this greenhouse. Made in the USA.