Greenhouse Heaters

We love our Southern Burner greenhouse heater and so do our plants. We highly recommend this heater for any hobby greenhouse. There are two models available, vented or non vented. These heaters run with absolutely no electricity required. They are available in natural gas or propane. With a proven performance record dating back to 1932, you are assured of reliability and customer satisfaction. They will not take up any valuable floor space in the greenhouse as they are designed to be placed under a bench. We simply recommend attaching a piece of metal or some other protective material to the bottom of your bench where the heater sits. The heater is all stainless steel and aluminum. You only need to cover the gas control valves with a cut out milk jug to protect them. Otherwise you do not need to worry about humidity or water affecting this heater.

Southern Burner Greenhouse Heater

Southern Burner Greenhouse Heater

Southern Burner Vented Greenhouse Heater

Southern Burner Vented Greenhouse Heater

Features of Southern Burner Greenhouse Heater

Due to the manner of heating you will be able to hold the temperature at the top of the greenhouse within 5 to 7 degrees of the floor temperature. This is due to the fact that these heaters do not radiate heat. Heat dispersed in that manner goes directly to the top of the greenhouse and is lost. The Southern Burner heaters will circulate warm air over the greenhouse somewhat like the heat rays from sunshine, from the floor up giving a more uniform heating throughout the greenhouse. All controls have a 100% safety cut-off feature. Heaters on L.P. gas must have a regulator on the L.P. tank. They are available with two different types of thermostats. The single stage thermostat also requires no electricity. This thermostat has a temperature range of 35 to 75 degrees. The heater will cycle on and off at the set temperature regardless of day or night. The second type of thermostat is a day and night set back thermostat. This enables you to set two separate temperatures, one for day and one for night. The temperature range is from 45 to 90 degrees. The clock is powered by an “AA” Alkaline battery. The manufacturer suggests one unit for every 150 to 175 square feet of floor space in Northern states. In Central states they recommend one unit to every 200 square feet of floor space. In Southern states the manufacturer suggests as much as 225 square feet to one unit. This of course will vary with several factors including the height of your sidewalls and ridge, insulation factor of your glazing material, etc. We suggest you use our heating calculation formula found on our planning and building a greenhouse guide to verify that you are purchasing an adequately sized heater. You will need to supply adequate ventilation for the heaters to properly function. See the different models for requirements.

Ventilation Requirements for Southern Burner C1

Venting for C1 Heater

The C1 Non Vented Southern Burner must be ventilated per the diagram above. Complete instructions are included in the manual.

Venting for Southern Burner C1 Heater

Venting for A1 Heater

The A1 Vented Southern Burner must be ventilated per the diagram above. Complete instructions are included in the manual.

Proper Placement for Multiple Heaters

If you are using multiple heaters, they should be placed according to this chart.

We were sorry to see them go, but Southern Burner closed their doors March 15, 2019.